UI Sleuth

UI Sleuth is a free Xamarin.Forms debugging tool. If you’ve ever made a web site, it’s similar to Microsoft’s F12 tools or Chrome Developer Tools. You can use it to efficiently track down layout issues, prototype a new design, and remotely control a device. UI Sleuth is similar to the Xamarin Inspector.


Windows 7+ 64bit or
macOS 10.11+
System Requirements

Insert Views

UI Sleuth allows you to insert built-in Xamarin.Forms views and your own into a running mobile app. On launch, your app is automatically scanned for any custom views you may have created. Once found, views can be inserted anywhere that Xamarin.Forms allows.

Arrange Views

The Visual Outline gives you the flexibility to insert, arrange, and delete views while your app is running.

Manipulate Properties

Inspect and modify view properties, while your application is running. This empowers you to test quick design ideas without having to recompile.

UI Sleuth can also be used for presentations. Have you ever been asked to increase a font size or background color during a demo? The property editor allows you to make those tweaks, instantly.

Attach to Any App

UI Sleuth allows you to attach to any Xamarin.Forms app from a Windows or macOS device. That means you can even inspect an app running on an iOS device from your PC!

Data View

Your app is more than just a collection of visual properties. You have custom data types that drive lists, labels, and more. While inspecting your app, take a peak at a view’s binding context if you need to debug a little further.

Device Features

Do you need to drill into device specific details, while your app is running? UI Sleuth allows you to query that information, and it’s presented in an easy-to-read table.

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